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This, dear reader, is a milestone for me. I decided to celebrate. During the month of October last year I decided to start a blog. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into or why I was crazy enough to allow my husband to convince me that this would be great for me. Looking back over the last year, a lot has happened. Through this beautiful blog I have allowed myself to share things that I never thought I could verbalize. I’ve pushed myself to write more often and allow that creative part of my brain to function the way it should. It’s been unbelievable to experience the growth that I have and the joy of knowing transparency is possible, even it is through the written word. I might not know all the blog terminology or really understand what I have started here but doing this on a regular basis, but I am excited to see what the next year holds and of course, whether or not I can write more posts next year.

Hopefully we’ll see what happens together and gain a few more readers in the process. Thank you for putting up with me!

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