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It’s Official!

On Wednesday evening I received my first surprise of the week: my family came down for my graduation! My parents and 3 of my siblings flew down that morning in order to be here for my graduation and had me CONVINCED that they were not going to be able to make it. It was amazing! We spent the next two days hanging out and going to Disney’s Magic Kingdom. It was the best surprise ever! Hubs even knew about it and didn’t tell me.

On Friday I checked my grades for this semester – 4 A’s and 1 A-. Not to shabby if I do say so myself.

On Saturday morning about 6:30 am, I discovered that I drank the water I talked about here. It’s pretty exciting and oh so hard to believe!

I graduated from WU on Saturday morning and had lunch with my family and my in-laws at the Cheesecake Factory in Orlando.Wade and Jamison came too, but had to leave early because of a film gig. We had to wait 90 minutes for a table but everyone was patient because I really wanted to celebrate there. It was a great to be with everyone.

On Sunday we went to RPC for church and shared our news with everyone. I think hubs told the entire congregation because he’s so excited. Afterward, we had lunch with some of our close friends to celebrate. It was great to catch up with them and celebrate together. Then we went grocery shopping for supplies for Mother’s Day dinner for my mother-in-law. We made her a three-course fondue meal and  it was quite tasty. We ate until we were ready to pop.

So how was your weekend?


Waiting, Waiting, and More Waiting

I’ve been on pins and needles since last Tuesday. Waiting. Ugh, I hate waiting. I’m terrible at it. Chris keeps telling me I have to learn patience, but I’m a slow learner in that department. So I’ve been waiting…impatiently…since last Tuesday.

I finally got it all confirmed today. Yay! What, might you ask, have I been waiting for? Why this semester’s grades of course!

I know. I’m a nerd.

So I’ve been checking online all week hoping and praying for positive results. Since seeing the results, I’ve decided that God loves me.


Career Planning: A
British Literature 2: A-
Communication Elements & Theories: A


Old Testament Origins: A!! ( I swore it would be a C)
Beginning Biblical Interpretation: B+ (Ditto to OTO)

This is amazing! Stupendous! Delightful! Exciting! I’m about to make up words because I’m so happy! This is an awesome start to Christmas break! Now if the plane can stop being delayed, we could get our butts to Minnesota to celebrate Christmas with my fam.


The Pause Between Chapters…

Last night was the closing of the first chapter, but what a first chapter it was! It was filled with joy, nervousness, tears, connection, bonding, sharing, heartbreak, and most of all, love. Love covered every ounce of the chapter. I’m quite sad to see it end, but very excited to start the second chapter.

What am I talking about? Why, Family Group, of course!

What is “Family Group”? It’s the best thing ever and everyone should be a part of one in my opinion!

Family Group is RPC’s version of small groups, only better. This unique grouping of 10-12 people meet once a week in someone’s home and do a bible study together of some sort. We basically do life together. Because the pastor really can’t meet the emotional and physical needs of everyone in the church, that’s what the group is for. They’re the people you call when something happens or you need someone to pray for you. They are the people who will be there at the drop of a hat anytime and will support you through life’s difficulties.

That’s what my Family Group does. We’ve only had one semester together, but we’ve grown so close over that time period. We’ve laughed and shared our hurts and pains. We’ve bonded over good food and pray for those who couldn’t make it that night. It’s the one day I look forward to most and when it’s done, I cannot wait until next week. That’s what it’s all about.

Our semester is officially done and we’re taking a break until after the holidays. Our next meeting will by in January and I cannot wait! I’m not quite sure how I’m going to survive the next month, but I know what if I need any of them, all I have to do is call and all will be well again with the world.

So, Family Group members, I love you. I’ll miss you. I truly don’t know where I would be without you. Thank you for being there for me and hugging me through the tears and confessions. And those of you not in a Family Group – Go join one. In January when we have sign-ups. Don’t delay. It will truly wreck your world in an amazing way and you’ll never be the same again. You’ll feel that sense of belonging you’ve been longing for. So go.

P.S. Tara, stop crying. It’s ok. Promise. I know they’re happy tears. I love you too!

The Little Things in Life…

Today in one of my classes, a fellow classmate posed an interesting challenge: to make a list of the things I can give God praise for. This idea came from Psalm 66, which was the focus of the devotional he was teaching from. So here is my list:

I praise God for Chris, who works so hard to be an amazing husband. God couldn’t have picked a better man for me to spend the rest of my life with.

I praise God for the support of family and friends while I made some difficult decisions regarding my volunteer roles within RPC.

I praise God for this beautiful weather. Only He could make the sky always so beautiful even before a storm.

I praise God for always making ends meet. No matter how tight our finances seem to be, He always gives them a little nudge to make it all work out.

I am grateful for all the work he has done in my life over the last year. My spirituality has grown so much it is hard to believe  how far I have really come.

He deserves praise for the change of heart He stirred within me in regard to missions. There is nowhere else I would rather be in July 2011 than Honduras working with Trash Mountain Project.

I praise Him for the people He has placed in my life. Though I still suffer depression and unbearable loneliness, He sends me hope through a few words from a dear friend. The aid may have been temporary, but it was still a strong reminder from my Savior that He loves me.

There are so many things that could make this list. God has blessed me more than I will ever deserve. I couldn’t be more thankful. Thanks for reading.

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