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How to….(Part Deux)

…stay warm when playing in 3 feet of snow:

1. The sun must be shining and the wind chill temperature must be at a bare minimum.

2. Proper apparel is a must, such as: boots, snow pants, winter coat, thick gloves, a hat that properly covers one’s ears, and a scarf.

3. Designate a photographer of the adventure. This person must be able to capture those freezing cold, yet fun moments, especially if snow goes down one’s jacket after sledding into a tree even though one’s sister said no one would hit the tree. SO MUCH SNOW FELL OUT OF THAT TREE!!!!!

4. Snow angels are properly made when one falls directly back into the snow and waves one’s arms and legs up and down to create wings and a skirt.

5. Wrestling in the snow will cause the ice cold flakes to find their way down one’s jacket and into one’s boots.

6. Hot chocolate is a requirement after freezing one’s extremities. Marshmallows are required as well.

Thus we’ve created an amazing snow experience. So go play!

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