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It’s Official!

On Wednesday evening I received my first surprise of the week: my family came down for my graduation! My parents and 3 of my siblings flew down that morning in order to be here for my graduation and had me CONVINCED that they were not going to be able to make it. It was amazing! We spent the next two days hanging out and going to Disney’s Magic Kingdom. It was the best surprise ever! Hubs even knew about it and didn’t tell me.

On Friday I checked my grades for this semester – 4 A’s and 1 A-. Not to shabby if I do say so myself.

On Saturday morning about 6:30 am, I discovered that I drank the water I talked about here. It’s pretty exciting and oh so hard to believe!

I graduated from WU on Saturday morning and had lunch with my family and my in-laws at the Cheesecake Factory in Orlando.Wade and Jamison came too, but had to leave early because of a film gig. We had to wait 90 minutes for a table but everyone was patient because I really wanted to celebrate there. It was a great to be with everyone.

On Sunday we went to RPC for church and shared our news with everyone. I think hubs told the entire congregation because he’s so excited. Afterward, we had lunch with some of our close friends to celebrate. It was great to catch up with them and celebrate together. Then we went grocery shopping for supplies for Mother’s Day dinner for my mother-in-law. We made her a three-course fondue meal and  it was quite tasty. We ate until we were ready to pop.

So how was your weekend?


Update on Life

Wow. Sorry for the almost month-long sabbatical. It wasn’t intentional. Life has been absolutely insane over the last month and my poor, exhausted brain could barely put sentences togethers, let alone beautifully sculpted ones for your enjoyment. So here’s what’s new with me:

*I work at McDonald’s. I officially started February 21st and work 4-5 days a week for 25-30 hours/week. I’m usually working the closing shift which means I don’t get back home until anywhere between 12 a.m. – 1:30 a.m. It has been really exhausting. At first, I hated it. I would have a knot in my stomach before I went to work and the whole time I was there, I just wanted to leave. Then God, in all his wisdom, spoke to me through a book I was reading for one of my classes. The author of the book was working as a waiter and had a similar attitude to mine when God spoke to him and said, “It is not the job, my son (or daughter). It is your attitude. Let it be like that of Christ Jesus.” Those sentences hit my heart hard. My attitude did not reflect Christ at all, so I changed it. That was about 2 weeks ago, and last night while I was working, one of my co-workers commented on the fact that I am always smiling and have a great attitude. I guess it’s working.

*Hubs got a new job! He starts next Monday at Faircount Media Group as an advertising salesman. He will sell the ad space within all these magazines that this company creates. Since Hubs has never done anything like this before, we’re both very nervous. It’s also in Tampa so he’ll have to travel a few hours each day to and from work. After the first week, we’ll have a family meeting to discuss how much he likes it and if he still loves it, then I will turn in my two weeks notice at work. The only reason I would have to do that is because he’ll be working during the day Monday – Friday, but I currently work nights. Plus if this new job works out for him, then we won’t need the income from my job at McDonalds. I think I might miss it though. I enjoy helping bring in some income.

*Also, with Hubs new job, if he really likes it, then we’ll be moving but it’s too soon to tell those details. He hasn’t even started after all. I will say I think God has been preparing our hearts to move. There’s an itch within me that’s simply ready to go and nothing seems to make it go away.

*My parents were down in sunny Florida the first weekend in March. My mom, who has worked at Wal*Mart for 15 years, won a contest. She won a trip for 4 to stay at the Disney Yacht Club Resort for 3 nights and 2-day Park Hopper passes to all 4 of Disney’s major parks for all 4 people. So she and my dad flew down and met Hubs and me at the hotel where we all spent a wonderful sibling-free weekend. I love my siblings very, very much, but it was nice to have adult time with my parents. We haven’t really spent time together just the four of us like that; it was an amazing weekend I won’t soon forget.

I think those are all the major updates. I’ll try to have a more creative/fun/entertaining post soon. Also, I’ll try very hard not to let another month go by before I blog. So very sorry again.


A Few Family Pictures

Casey, our cute little Bichon Frise puppy


Hubs & Me at the Lightening vs. Wild hockey game – GO WILD!!!


Dog again – He’s just so darn cute.


Our 2nd Anniversary Photo Shoot with Tara Bent (aka best photographer ever! & my best friend)


*So this is us – one small, happy family.

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