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It’s OK….

…to go to Racetrac simple because they have the best crushed ice.

…to take a 2 hour nap during the middle of the day just because you can.

…to watch a sappy movie because you feel like crying.

…to eat lunch in your car because you don’t like sitting alone with a bunch of people around.

…to brag because you’re married to an amazing man who takes you to chick-flicks for date night when you know he’d rather watch something else.

…to have a guilty pleasure of cheesy teenage dramas like The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

…to read a good fiction novel before you read your homework because let’s face it, the fiction novel is far more interesting most of the time.

…to check facebook on your phone 20 times a day like it’s an addictive habit or something.

…to convince hubs he wants to go to Chick-Fil-A for breakfast on the way to airport even though you both know you really like it best

…to have a milkshake for breakfast every now and again

…to have nothing better to do than blog on a Friday night.

So I was inspired by the column in Glamour magazine with the same title. What’s “ok” in your world?


How to….(Part Deux)

…stay warm when playing in 3 feet of snow:

1. The sun must be shining and the wind chill temperature must be at a bare minimum.

2. Proper apparel is a must, such as: boots, snow pants, winter coat, thick gloves, a hat that properly covers one’s ears, and a scarf.

3. Designate a photographer of the adventure. This person must be able to capture those freezing cold, yet fun moments, especially if snow goes down one’s jacket after sledding into a tree even though one’s sister said no one would hit the tree. SO MUCH SNOW FELL OUT OF THAT TREE!!!!!

4. Snow angels are properly made when one falls directly back into the snow and waves one’s arms and legs up and down to create wings and a skirt.

5. Wrestling in the snow will cause the ice cold flakes to find their way down one’s jacket and into one’s boots.

6. Hot chocolate is a requirement after freezing one’s extremities. Marshmallows are required as well.

Thus we’ve created an amazing snow experience. So go play!

Waiting, Waiting, and More Waiting

I’ve been on pins and needles since last Tuesday. Waiting. Ugh, I hate waiting. I’m terrible at it. Chris keeps telling me I have to learn patience, but I’m a slow learner in that department. So I’ve been waiting…impatiently…since last Tuesday.

I finally got it all confirmed today. Yay! What, might you ask, have I been waiting for? Why this semester’s grades of course!

I know. I’m a nerd.

So I’ve been checking online all week hoping and praying for positive results. Since seeing the results, I’ve decided that God loves me.


Career Planning: A
British Literature 2: A-
Communication Elements & Theories: A


Old Testament Origins: A!! ( I swore it would be a C)
Beginning Biblical Interpretation: B+ (Ditto to OTO)

This is amazing! Stupendous! Delightful! Exciting! I’m about to make up words because I’m so happy! This is an awesome start to Christmas break! Now if the plane can stop being delayed, we could get our butts to Minnesota to celebrate Christmas with my fam.


Movies I Can’t Live Without

I discovered one of my favorite movies on “Watch Instantly” on Netflix! Yay! So I figured I would come up with a list of movies I can watch over and over again without getting sick of them.

*When Harry Met Sally

*The Holiday

*His Girl Friday

*America’s Sweethearts

*Despicable Me

*Finding Nemo

*Ocean’s Eleven

*Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

*Gone in 60 Seconds

*Someone Like You

*Whip It


I think that’s all of them for now. There are still lots of movies I like, but I don’t necessarily like to watch them all the time. What movies can’t you live without?

One More Semester to Go

My Fall 2010 semester is done here at Warner University. Next semester will be my final semester there. I’m excited, and yet I still feel a little bittersweet that it is so close to ending. WU has become a steady constant in my life for the last year and a half. I know faces, names, and the location of all the bathrooms. (Yes, that is a very important detail to know.) I know the professors in my departments and enjoy seeing their smiling faces. I’m not sure I am ready for this to all be done.

I am ready for the textbooks to be closed and the exams to finish. Thankfully, it is all done now. I have a month before I have to pick up another textbook. The joy of heading home for Christmas is exciting and knowing I don’t have to rush back is a major perk.

When I do finally get around to graduating, I know I will be ever so thankful I picked WU to finish out my degree. I may not be super involved with any of the campus activities, and I rarely hang out with anyone outside of school (I’m really quite shy), but I will always hold WU with the upmost respect and admiration. It’s a delightful school and one day, when I have kids, I will tell them to at least consider it for their education.

So, WU, I do believe I love you.

My Birthday Extravaganza Part 1 & 2


This part occurred on my actual birthday, Thursday November 4. Unfortunately, my 8:00 am class would not take a day off for my birthday so I had to go to class and chapel. In between the two, my darling husband and Jamison C. Smith arrived to say hello. Jamison awarded me with my first birthday present: a bright pink Warner University sweatshirt! Yay! I loved it! It was very nice and fuzzy. After chapel, the three of us moseyed down to Avon Park to have lunch at the Depot (one of my favorite small town restaurants). I still love that they remember us when we go there. Chris and I used to go on dates there pre-budget and marriage so it was nice to go back. After lunch, we did a little clothes shopping for Mr. Smith who was about to start a new job at the previously mentioned University. Several outfits later, we parted ways and headed back home. Chris had to work that night at 5, but he pulled some strings to get off early so we could go to Lakeland for dinner. During the in-between time, Ms. Tara Bent arrived at my door with a surprise cupcake cake in the shape of an ice cream cone. She made it herself! It was very sweet of her and her husband, Jimmy, to bring it by and completely surprise me! (Thanks again, you two!) Then I picked up Chris at 8 and we headed over to Lakeland to have dinner at BD’s Mongolian Grill. I had a BOGO coupon so I ate for free because it was my birthday (even better!). Then we came back home and Chris gave me a present – my long anticipated Nora Roberts book that had been released two days earlier. Yes, I’m already done reading it. Part one continued with a pedicure with Tara Bent on Friday (my toes are still adorable). It’s been my first pedicure since my wedding, which is crazy to think that so much time has passed. I loved having quality girl time, though, because for me that’s about as rare as pedicures are so it was great and will hopefully be a tradition for Tara and me. Then on Saturday, we had lunch with the in-laws to celebrate my birthday and spend time with them.


Part two took place in Orlando on Friday the 12th. Chris booked us a hotel room at the Gaylord Palms!!!!!! and we were meeting six friends for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Jamison was nice enough to take Casey (dog) for the weekend so we didn’t have to worry about him. We went to Orlando around noon and had lunch at Chick-fil-a; after that we headed to I-Drive and went to see the movie “Morning Glory” with Rachel McAdams. It was a great movie with a fabulous moral about separating work and home. It was really cute. I told Chris we need to buy it when it comes out. For dessert, we split some Coldstone Creamery ice cream and then headed to our hotel where we relaxed for about an hour before going to the restaurant to put our name on the waiting list. The wait was around an hour and everyone else got there about 30 minutes after we did. Once we were seated, we enjoyed each other’s company for about 2 hours at the table. It was so much fun! We took pictures, shared food and drinks, and laughed over and over again. Even our waitress joined in. It was a fabulous night! We got back to the hotel around 10 and I was done. I slept until about 9:30 the next morning too. Once the room the was packed, we checked out and headed to Five Guys for lunch, then went to the mall for some wandering and shopping. After the mall, we relaxed at the bookstore before heading home. We made it home in time for Chris to go to work that night.

I almost get a part three for my birthday too with the arrival of a package from my folks which should be here on Monday or Tuesday of this upcoming week. That’ll be a bright light during my week of homework galore.

All in all, this has been a marvelous birthday experience! Thanks, sweetheart, for making it fabulous!

My Life Since Saturday…

Here we go:

SATURDAY: It was an AMAZING day! I had been planning for Saturday for months! Why? It was photo shoot Saturday. Chris and I had an appointment with the very talented Tara Bent (and her husband Jimmy tagged along) at the Leu Gardens in Orlando. We met up with them at 9 a.m. and got to the gardens shortly after 10 a.m. Tara did my makeup because I’m hopeless at even attempting and then we traipsed around the gardens for two hours taking pictures at every stopping point we could. It was such a blast! Hundreds of pictures later, we left around noon and went to eat at the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney. It was very yummy and the atmosphere was so cool, but the prices were a bit steep for us. It was a great experience, and a great day all around. That evening was dedicated to homework so I won’t bore you with those details.

SUNDAY: Church always takes up a majority of our Sundays. Chris went to both services and I just went to the second service. After that, we came home and ate the lunch I had prepared with five other friends of ours. We had an herb-encrusted pork loin with homemade mashed potatoes. It’s one of my favorites! Yum! Then we all just hung out until Chris and Jamison went to high school small groups at JJ’s house. At around 5:45 p.m. I picked up Chris and we met up with the Alberts for some trick-or-treating with their family, and wrapped up the evening with dinner at Applebee’s.

MONDAY: The morning was preparing for my group presentation and the afternoon full of classes. It was uber busy. I don’t think I stopped much at all during the day. I had to present in two different classes so it was just craziness.

Now, it’s Tuesday. Today I have vowed to relax from homework for the rest of the day. I am not picking up a textbook, nor am I studying for some upcoming test. I am blogging, then cleaning, then finding something artsy to do, and possibly a nap if I feel like it.

So there you have it, my crazy busy weekend. Toodles.

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