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Hola! It’s been less than a month since my last post so I do believe I’m getting better. I know. I know. I’m a slacker. I promise it will get better. Eventually. So here’s what’s going on:

*I completed my biopsy on the nodule. Let me tell you, though, it was not ONE needle they used. They stuck FIVE needles into that sucker to draw out its insides. They don’t tell you that until you get there. I was not happy. It did not feel good at all. They numbed my skin but I could still feel the needle enter the nodule and as the doctor wiggled it around to fill the syringe. Ugh. I shiver just thinking about it again. The results came back the following week, but my doctor was out of town until after the 4th of July. The results came back inconclusive but potentially cancerous and that the typical follow-up procedure is removal of that part of the thyroid – which is what we are doing.

*My doctor referred me to Dr. Carter who is a surgeon who specializes in the throat and has does this surgery before. Hubs and I sat down and talked with him last week and went over all the particulars. He thought he would have to find us another surgeon because as a general rule the hospital he works at does not operate on pregnant woman, but I guess he was able to get approval because his nurse called today and told me he is going to be doing the surgery. I’m on the schedule for July 28th at 12:15 pm to have the left half of my thyroid removed. I’m a little scared because the only surgery I’ve had was to remove my wisdom teeth. 

*On a happier note, my family came down for vacation for two weeks. It was tons of fun having them around. We didn’t do much besides deal with my doctors and go to the beach, but it was still great to just be around them on a regular basis.

*Also, the baby is still perfectly healthy. At the last appointment it had a steady heartbeat of 159. We’re thankful that despite everything else our little one has been healthy.

*Hubs is still in the running for this youth pastor position. He’s in the top 2 so we just keep praying that if this is what God wants then it’ll work out. We both don’t really care for Tampa. It’s just not home. We would love to move back if the opportunity allows itself.

So that’s my life thus far. Toodles!

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