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A Little Slice of Life

Hola blog-o-sphere. I’ve taken quite the hiatus lately so I guess I need to start getting back on track. In the last month more has happened than I even know how to handle which is part of the reason for my break on writing. I’ve been simply trying to manage keeping my head above the water and attempting to process all the events going on. So I guess I better start and slowly work my way through everything. Here we go:

* I am currently 10 weeks pregnant and morning sickness welcomed itself into my life around week 5. Since then, I spend most my days nauseous beyond belief and over this last week have started puking on a semi-regular basis. Hubs keeps reminding me that I just have to make it to the second trimester, but that seems like an eternity away.

* Speaking of the baby in my belly, we got to look at it last week during my first ultrasound. The heartbeat was 174 bpm and I am due on January 13, 2012. It looks like a little shrimp and we can’t wait to find out what it is. We have names picked out already, which was actually pretty simple for us to do. Sophie Marie for a girl, and Harrison David for a boy. There are no twins in this equation. Hubs keeps saying that then we could just get both kids done at once but he’s plum crazy.

* During this ultrasound, my doctor did a physical on me to make sure everything looked ok. During this process, she noticed that my thyroid is enlarged and ordered an ultrasound of that. I was able to schedule it 2 days later. I was really nervous as I waited for the nurse to call me back. It turns out that I have a large nodule on the left side of my thyroid and a small mass on the right side. Due to this, my doctor made an appointment for me to go see an endocrinologist for the next week. That appointment was yesterday. He was a very nice doctor who is looking out for my health, the baby’s health, and our finances. The size of the nodule raises my chances of it being cancerous, but those chances are still very small. Due to my pregnancy, we cannot do a scan to check the density because it involves radiation. Instead I have to schedule a biopsy which kind of scares me. It’s a long needle going in my throat and I’m not really a needle kind of person. That appointment has to be scheduled tomorrow through the hospital. I also had to do more bloodwork to check the levels of antibodies in my system. My thyroid is working properly, but if the antibody levels are high it increases my chances of a miscarriage. The levels can be controlled through medicine though so nothing to really worry about there.

*On top of all my health issues right now, we moved to Tampa three weeks ago. The week before the move, Hubs found out about a youth pastor position in the town we were currently living in. The church wants to fill the position before the school year starts in August. Hubs has been going through the interview process and there is a chance we might move back to the town we just moved from. Crazy, right?! So we just stopped unpacking the stuff we don’t need and now we wait until we know something more. Thankfully our lease for our apartment is very easy to break if we do have to move, but no sense in getting ahead of ourselves.

So this has been our life – interviews and doctors appointments. It’s all in God’s hands and we’re just hanging on for the ride at this moment. I’ll try to keep this blog a bit more updated. I’ve been kind of a slacker lately. Well I think that’s more than enough info for you right now. Toodles.

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