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…which means it’s time for What I’m Loving Wednesdays! I actually constantly check my calendar now to see if it’s Wednesday or not. 🙂

*I’m loving that I have time to read again! Now that the semester’s winding down, I can dive into some juicy fiction novels that are sitting on the dining room table.

*I’m loving Ke$ha. She’s catchy with a good beat. I’ve been dancing in the car a LOT lately. The song below is weird and you don’t even get to hear my favorite part (Yes, hubs, it’s your favorite part too).

*I’m loving my tan. I’ve got a nice glow goin’ on these days.

*I’m loving this giveaway by Tara @ Jimmy Choos and Tennis Shoes. We’ll see if I stand a chance at winning. 🙂

*I’m loving my Vera Bradley purse. Google “Vera Bradley Paprika Morgan” and you’ll find it. I had trouble saving the picture and I just didn’t feel like fiddling with it.

*I’m loving my reusable Starbucks tumbler. It helps keep my hydrated and drinking enough water. I’m still not up to eight cups a day but I’m getting there.

*I’m loving that I had chocolate covered strawberries for breakfast and that I got to hang out with the Comm Arts Seniors (and Mr. Craig) for lunch. Check out Mr. Craig’s awesome blog here. It’ll knock your socks off.

*I’m loving this homemade monthly menu board. I think I really want to make one. You can buy one from her, but I think it would be more fun to make it myself.

That’s all for this week. Go link up with Jaime over here and join the fun. 🙂


Comments on: "Guess What????? It’s Wednesday Again!!!" (2)

  1. Mmmm. Chocolate covered strawberries for breakfast sound yummy!

    I’m loving that menu board. I may have to make one, too!

  2. Oh I’m the same way about Wednesdays! They’re now my favorite day thanks to Jamie’s linkup! And reading is something I’m always loving along with KE$HA and chocolate covered strawberries (which I want right now!).

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