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A Little Bit of Life

So life has been crazy. I feel like I’m playing the board game and life is simply rushing on ahead while I’m barely recovering from what just happened. I just keep trying to hang in there but I need to breathe. I need a life to give me just a few minutes before it rushes on to the next mind blowing concept it feels necessary to throw my way.

The last three out of four Saturdays, hubs and I have been apartment hunting in Tampa. Unfortunately most of what we can afford is income restrictive which means there is a minimum and maximum income requirement. We would qualify for both of them at first, but most likely not qualify next year for renewal if hubs’ job goes the way it is supposed to (fingers crossed). The other apartments we have looked at don’t leave us with that “This is home” feeling. We’re trying our best to pray and be patient while looking under every nook and cranny to find out what God has up his sleeve. Sadly for us, he has not let us in on his plans as of late. This Saturday, in between visiting some cousins from Georgia, we’re going to try again. This time it’s townhouses that we’ll have our eye on. We feel like that might be a closer step into adulthood and the world of owning our own house, but we’re not quite ready for that step yet.

I’m closing in on graduation! It’s only 11 days away. We just had Senior Chapel today which basically required those of us graduating to put on our caps and gowns and parade down the church aisle in front of our peers so they could clap and pretend like they’re interested, but I’m pretty sure it’s boring. I was bored when I was in their shoes. It made it real, though. We’re REALLY graduating next week. Yikes.

I’ve been working on all my last minute assignments lately. I only have one more presentation and one paper until Finals next week. The powerpoint is done for the presentation and I started the paper…but I decided to blog first. I’ll work on it tonight or tomorrow. It’s not due until Friday morning and my professor cancelled class tomorrow so I’ve got lots of time.

I will leave you with a few pictures. I have some more I want to write about but I want to ponder it a little longer because it’s kind of heavy stuff that I am still working through.

It’s a Peep kabob my folks sent me in my Easter basket.

No words are necessary.


Comments on: "A Little Bit of Life" (3)

  1. What will you guys be doing in Tampa?

    We are headed that way as well!

    http://cameronsandel.com/post/4376161027/the-next-step πŸ™‚


    • Chris just started a job over there for Faircount Media Group and I’m starting the Paul Mitchell School of Hair on September 27 so we figured we might as well move over there. How long with you all be over there? Maybe we’ll just have to get together since we’ll all be in the county again. πŸ™‚

      • We will be there for a year/year and a half studying and training with a team of church planters as we listen for the father’s voice to go and plant another collegiate church sometime in 2012.

        You guys should definitely come and check out Aletheia Tampa when you land in Tampa.

        Sb and I are also in the process of trying to find a place to live and it’s definitely not easy-especially when we are in the process of raising missions support and have no idea what we can afford πŸ™‚

        Oh and you will probably get to meet a friend of ours who does some work for the Paul Mitchell School-Crystal Wood.

        here’s where we’ll be serving/pastoring/training…www.aletheiatampa.com

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