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What I’m Playing Thursday

So in my search to try and become more blog savvy, I discovered another fun link up that I thought I might try @ We’re Just Like You, Only Prettier. It’s called “What I’m Playing Thursday”. So here’s a list of what I’ve been listening too lately:





So what are you playing these days?

Guess What????? It’s Wednesday Again!!!

…which means it’s time for What I’m Loving Wednesdays! I actually constantly check my calendar now to see if it’s Wednesday or not. 🙂

*I’m loving that I have time to read again! Now that the semester’s winding down, I can dive into some juicy fiction novels that are sitting on the dining room table.

*I’m loving Ke$ha. She’s catchy with a good beat. I’ve been dancing in the car a LOT lately. The song below is weird and you don’t even get to hear my favorite part (Yes, hubs, it’s your favorite part too).

*I’m loving my tan. I’ve got a nice glow goin’ on these days.

*I’m loving this giveaway by Tara @ Jimmy Choos and Tennis Shoes. We’ll see if I stand a chance at winning. 🙂

*I’m loving my Vera Bradley purse. Google “Vera Bradley Paprika Morgan” and you’ll find it. I had trouble saving the picture and I just didn’t feel like fiddling with it.

*I’m loving my reusable Starbucks tumbler. It helps keep my hydrated and drinking enough water. I’m still not up to eight cups a day but I’m getting there.

*I’m loving that I had chocolate covered strawberries for breakfast and that I got to hang out with the Comm Arts Seniors (and Mr. Craig) for lunch. Check out Mr. Craig’s awesome blog here. It’ll knock your socks off.

*I’m loving this homemade monthly menu board. I think I really want to make one. You can buy one from her, but I think it would be more fun to make it myself.

That’s all for this week. Go link up with Jaime over here and join the fun. 🙂


A Little Bit of Life

So life has been crazy. I feel like I’m playing the board game and life is simply rushing on ahead while I’m barely recovering from what just happened. I just keep trying to hang in there but I need to breathe. I need a life to give me just a few minutes before it rushes on to the next mind blowing concept it feels necessary to throw my way.

The last three out of four Saturdays, hubs and I have been apartment hunting in Tampa. Unfortunately most of what we can afford is income restrictive which means there is a minimum and maximum income requirement. We would qualify for both of them at first, but most likely not qualify next year for renewal if hubs’ job goes the way it is supposed to (fingers crossed). The other apartments we have looked at don’t leave us with that “This is home” feeling. We’re trying our best to pray and be patient while looking under every nook and cranny to find out what God has up his sleeve. Sadly for us, he has not let us in on his plans as of late. This Saturday, in between visiting some cousins from Georgia, we’re going to try again. This time it’s townhouses that we’ll have our eye on. We feel like that might be a closer step into adulthood and the world of owning our own house, but we’re not quite ready for that step yet.

I’m closing in on graduation! It’s only 11 days away. We just had Senior Chapel today which basically required those of us graduating to put on our caps and gowns and parade down the church aisle in front of our peers so they could clap and pretend like they’re interested, but I’m pretty sure it’s boring. I was bored when I was in their shoes. It made it real, though. We’re REALLY graduating next week. Yikes.

I’ve been working on all my last minute assignments lately. I only have one more presentation and one paper until Finals next week. The powerpoint is done for the presentation and I started the paper…but I decided to blog first. I’ll work on it tonight or tomorrow. It’s not due until Friday morning and my professor cancelled class tomorrow so I’ve got lots of time.

I will leave you with a few pictures. I have some more I want to write about but I want to ponder it a little longer because it’s kind of heavy stuff that I am still working through.

It’s a Peep kabob my folks sent me in my Easter basket.

No words are necessary.


Slightly Crafty

I told you in a previous post that when I finally finished decorating my TOMS shoes that I would display my pretty artwork for the world to see. Today is that day. I finally found a little bit of time to work on them and I must say I’m pretty proud of them. I found directions at another blog called Make It and Love It by Ashley for satin flower headbands and simply applied the knowledge to my shoes.

Here is the finished product:

If you click on the link to Ashley’s blog, you’ll find the tutorial on how to make the flowers. It’s super easy and I think I’ve only just begun to attach them to different items.


What I’m Loving Wednesday…

It’s Wednesday again, people! Since I’ve had so much fun going Jaime the last few weeks, I thought I might keep it up.

*I’m loving that I won 3 awards in chapel yesterday as a senior: Who’s Who Among America’s College Students?, Alpha Chi Honor Society, and one for being an outstanding English major. It’s nice to feel like all my hard work has finally paid off.

*I’m loving that the Spring semester is almost done. It’s hard to believe that graduation is just a few short weeks away and all these assignments will be behind me just like that.

*I’m loving Paula Deen’s Beef Stroganoff recipe! I made it on Monday and hubs liked it better than my usual recipe. The flavor was AMAZING!

*I’m loving that hubs and I have raised over half the money we need to go to Honduras with Trash Mountain Project. You can check them out here and if you feel like donating to help us get there you can donate here at RidgePoint Church’s website just list Chris & Megan Weatherly Honduras Trip in the memo line. Thanks in advance if you are so inclined to help. 🙂

*I’m loving the fact that hubs and I hate the idea of eating out these days. I love cooking and he loves eating my cooking so I must be doing something right.

So what are you loving this beautiful Wednesday?


I found this questionnaire as I was surfing the blog world. I found it at Perfectly Imperfect, written by Jenn. 

Current Book:
English Ivy by Catherine Palmer. I’ve read this book tons of times and still love it.

Current Playlist:
It varies depending on my mood. Lots of Ke$ha lately with a little bit of Taking Back Sunday. I know. I know. It’s so very eclectic. 

Current Color:
It’s this coral-type color I picked out at the nail salon for my manicure. It look neat.

Current Drink:
Some leftover Mr. Pibb from lunch…I know it’s called “Pibb xtra” now but that just sounds dumb.

Current Food:
For lunch I went to Frostbite in Frostproof, FL with my friends Jamison and Galina. I had my usual: chicken strips, fries, and soft serve ice cream. I’m like a little kid with my food sometimes.

Current Favorite Show:
My two favorite shows on t.v. right now are Bones and Grey’s Anatomy. I didn’t watch the latter one until really recently but I really enjoy it.

Current Wishlist:
I keep thinking about this one because my dad just asked me what I want for graduation. I’m looking into cameras right now – the ones where you can change the lenses and be all fancy by being charge of the zoom. I need to check out Consumer Report and see what they say. If you have a suggestion let me know.

 Current Needs:
To pick a new apartment, and obtain a black wardrobe for the Paul Mitchell School of Hair (BECAUSE I WAS ACCEPTED!!!!!)

Current Triumphs:
I graduate in 22 days and look at the previous answer.

Current Bane(s) of my Existence:
Attempting to do homework when I know I’m so close to the end that I just don’t want to.

Current Celebrity Crush:
Hugh Jackman wins this category. Hubs knows. It’s ok.

Current #1 Blessing:
Hubs. Always. He puts up with my craziness and I know he will always be there for me.

Current Indulgence:
Bunny Tracks ice cream…and Cadbury Creme Eggs. It’s Easter time. I’m going to indulge in them as much as I can until next year.

Current Outfit:
Jean shorts, a purple cami and a pink polka dot sweater

Current Excitement:
Going to Moe’s tonight with some friends and then the drive-in movie – woo woo!

 Current Mood:
A little sleepy due to the afternoon heat and the coolness of my apartment and excited about tonight’s adventure.

What I’m Loving Wednesday

Organizations Version

*I’m loving To Write Love on Her Arms.

(photo via twloha.com)

*I’m loving TOMS shoes.

(photo via google)

*I’m loving Invisible Children.

(photo via invisiblechildren.com)

*I’m loving Trash Mountain Project.

(photo via j.j. gawlowicz)

*I’m loving Compassion International.

(photo via google.com)

*I’m loving Broken Voices.

(photo via brokenvoices.org)

What organizations are making an impact in your world?

Join Jamie if you want to have a little piece of the fun.

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