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It’s OK…

…to embrace the idea that God speaks to you through something you love (i.e. random books).

…to only eat Cinnamelts during breaks at work because it gives you something to look forward to.

…to write in pink ink because it brightens up your homework.

…to ask questions, especially questions about faith and God.

…to be addicted to coffee. Yes I know I should ween myself off but I really, really, REALLY like the flavor of my mocha coffee I make myself.

…to always be early. Everywhere. For everything.

…to double check your work schedule 3 times during a shift because you’re afraid you miscalculated the military time.

…to buy Mario shaped fruit snacks because you know it’ll make your hubs smile.

…to go to a new restaurant and only want to order chicken strips because they sound the best.

…to be annoyed because some church in Ohio bribes people to come to Easter Sunday service with a drawing for $1000 to be split between the member and his guest. Really??? Is that what Christianity has come to?

…to watch a movie you know by heart just because you want to have a reason to quote it.

…to laugh while watching iCarly on Netflix.

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