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I should be doing my paper.

I could be doing my paper.

I would be doing my paper…if I didn’t have severe writer’s block and the oblivious students around me would shut up. This is a library after all. Honestly.

So no. I’m not writing my paper. I’m trying. I’ve rewritten the same 4 sentences that I originally wrote last night. No new thoughts are flowing about Rudolf Bultmann. His life is kind of boring. Sorry. It just is.

I’m still trying to learn this juggling work and school thing. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. I’m working at McDonald’s now. I started training yesterday. I haven’t worked in almost 2 years so I’m a little out of practice, plus I used to be a secretary. The food industry is quite different. I just keep telling myself that God is going to show up and do something big here. Somehow…or at least I hope he does. I guess I just have to wait it out.

………..rabbit trail…………..

In a week my folks’ will be here from snowy Minnesota and we will all enjoy a nice mini vacation at Disney. I can’t wait for them to get here. This is why my paper needs to get done. I don’t have time to work on it later. So, now I’m going to go try again and hopefully I make an indent.


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