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Random Movie Thoughts

I thought about calling this a review but it’s really not one. It’s more a mix between my thoughts of the movie and those of life.

What movie was it? P.S. I Love You.

Yes, I’m a little behind the curve but I finally watched it today. It was a beautifully crafted work of art that represented real life so well it was difficult to tell where the emotions displayed in the movie ended and my own began. I cried. Let me rephrase that – I bawled like a baby. About every 10 minutes, the levees broke and a fresh salty mess washed away what was left of my makeup. Why did I cry so much? Why? No, it’s not just because I’m some emotional sap. No, I wasn’t experiencing that special girly time of the month. I bawled like a baby because Hilary Swank portrayed my worst fear onscreen.

Yes, hubs dying terrifies me. He’s only 24. There’s lots of years when he could die between now and 80 (when he’s allowed to die). I’ve never been so dependent on another person in my adult life and now….if he was gone…I don’t know what I would do. I don’t think I could handle it. I would be a big, giant mess.

The movie was amazing. Go watch it if you haven’t. Just make sure you bring the tissues and a big bowl of ice cream to help with the crazy, never-ending tears.

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