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Don’t Drink the Water

I’m sure there must be something in it. Some form of aphrodisiac that is causing couples to create babies. We’re not talking about one or two mild cases here, people. We’re talking about a full-fledged epidemic! They’re everywhere. If these women aren’t giving birth in the next few months, just you wait. Another six months and there will be a whole new round of deliveries. Goodness.

Why am I even discussing this? Maybe I’m just tired. Maybe due to the absence of my husband tonight, I have too much time to think. Regardless, after being married for 2 1/2 years, the standard next step is baby-making. Yeah…..about that…..

There’s this outside pressure to have a kid by now. Couples we know who got married right around the same time we did are getting knocked up. Yes, I’m using that term. Deal with it. So shouldn’t we? Are we like those kids who are held back in grade school because we just aren’t ready to advance to the next level?

Probably. Oh well. It’s not happening. I am not going to walk down the aisle for graduation on May 7, 2011 with a baby causing my belly to expand. Besides, how the heck could I accomplish cosmetology school and stand on my feet all day if I’m big and prego? That’s what I keep telling myself anyway to fight off the baby-making fever that going around.

So no, I’m not going to drink the water. Don’t offer it to me. Don’t ask when we’re going to have kids. I might just tell you “never” because I feel like it. Yup, I’m going to play the part of the child who got held back by being as childish as I want.

Just felt like sharing.


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