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Calvin took a deep breath that caused his whole body to shudder. Where is my backup? He thought frantically. Peering from his hiding spot behind the dumpster, he could see them: the criminals. They were growing in size and number by the minute. He couldn’t take them all on his own. It would be impossible.

Where the heck is he? He’s supposed to have my back at all times! I’m going to kill him! Breathe, Calvin. Breathe. You’re going to have to do this without him. Calvin looked around desperately for supplies to defend himself. Smoke bombs. These will work wonders! I’ll be able to run in and ambush them. Brilliant!

Taking another calming breath, he gripped the bombs and started throwing one after another. Screaming, he hurled himself into the fury taking down one criminal after another in order to save the helpless citizens around him.

“CAAAAAAAALVIN!” A bellow invaded the fray. “CAAAAAAAAALVIN!”

Suddenly, Calvin froze and looked around. With a smug look on his face at the number of motionless bodies lying around him, he replied, “What, Mom?”

“Have you seen the basket filled with mangoes and limes that was on the counter?”

Flecks of green and orange littered the mounds of snow surrounding him. “Ummmm I think the squirrels brought them outside in order to destroy the snowmen. There’s no better way to fight crime than with mangoes and limes. Didn’t you know that, Mom?”

***Today I felt inspired by a mixture of things: A Motion City Soundtrack lyric and the joys of Calvin & Hobbes comics. I hope you enjoyed the silliness as well.

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