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I’ve been on pins and needles since last Tuesday. Waiting. Ugh, I hate waiting. I’m terrible at it. Chris keeps telling me I have to learn patience, but I’m a slow learner in that department. So I’ve been waiting…impatiently…since last Tuesday.

I finally got it all confirmed today. Yay! What, might you ask, have I been waiting for? Why this semester’s grades of course!

I know. I’m a nerd.

So I’ve been checking online all week hoping and praying for positive results. Since seeing the results, I’ve decided that God loves me.


Career Planning: A
British Literature 2: A-
Communication Elements & Theories: A


Old Testament Origins: A!! ( I swore it would be a C)
Beginning Biblical Interpretation: B+ (Ditto to OTO)

This is amazing! Stupendous! Delightful! Exciting! I’m about to make up words because I’m so happy! This is an awesome start to Christmas break! Now if the plane can stop being delayed, we could get our butts to Minnesota to celebrate Christmas with my fam.


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