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How to….(Part Deux)

…stay warm when playing in 3 feet of snow:

1. The sun must be shining and the wind chill temperature must be at a bare minimum.

2. Proper apparel is a must, such as: boots, snow pants, winter coat, thick gloves, a hat that properly covers one’s ears, and a scarf.

3. Designate a photographer of the adventure. This person must be able to capture those freezing cold, yet fun moments, especially if snow goes down one’s jacket after sledding into a tree even though one’s sister said no one would hit the tree. SO MUCH SNOW FELL OUT OF THAT TREE!!!!!

4. Snow angels are properly made when one falls directly back into the snow and waves one’s arms and legs up and down to create wings and a skirt.

5. Wrestling in the snow will cause the ice cold flakes to find their way down one’s jacket and into one’s boots.

6. Hot chocolate is a requirement after freezing one’s extremities. Marshmallows are required as well.

Thus we’ve created an amazing snow experience. So go play!

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside…”

I’m pretty sure Frosty the Snowman lives in Minnesota. If not, I think Santa Claus has decided to move his operation here to the snowy tundra known as Minnesota. BRRRRRRRRRR.

After a 45 minute delay yesterday and a 3 1/2 drive back to my folks’ house, we made it. Surprisingly, I’m not freezing. Don’t get me wrong. My toes are cold, as are my fingers. I’m actually typing quite slowly with lots of mistakes that require correcting. Other than those minor details, it’s not nearly as cold as last year. It’s in the 20s, not 30 BELOW ZERO.

Today, Chris and I just relaxed. He’s watching SportsCenter right now, while I blog and check up on the blogs I enjoy reading. We did go into town for a bit – my folks’ live in a three-story farmhouse in the country  – and visited my mom at work, then had coffee and a bite to eat. It’s been great to just relax, though I’m sure after a few days of relaxing we’ll be ready to jump back into real life.

If I don’t get a chance to write again before Christmas, I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!


Waiting, Waiting, and More Waiting

I’ve been on pins and needles since last Tuesday. Waiting. Ugh, I hate waiting. I’m terrible at it. Chris keeps telling me I have to learn patience, but I’m a slow learner in that department. So I’ve been waiting…impatiently…since last Tuesday.

I finally got it all confirmed today. Yay! What, might you ask, have I been waiting for? Why this semester’s grades of course!

I know. I’m a nerd.

So I’ve been checking online all week hoping and praying for positive results. Since seeing the results, I’ve decided that God loves me.


Career Planning: A
British Literature 2: A-
Communication Elements & Theories: A


Old Testament Origins: A!! ( I swore it would be a C)
Beginning Biblical Interpretation: B+ (Ditto to OTO)

This is amazing! Stupendous! Delightful! Exciting! I’m about to make up words because I’m so happy! This is an awesome start to Christmas break! Now if the plane can stop being delayed, we could get our butts to Minnesota to celebrate Christmas with my fam.


A Lack of Creativity

So I’ve been pondering what to write about today. I could tell you that my cold is almost gone (YAY!), or that I’m still struggling to figure out my place in the church volunteer realm, or that Chris took me to Palace Pizza today because he loves me, or about all the blogs I’ve been reading about, or even about all the housework I’ve accomplished today. I could talk about anything of those at great length.

But I’m not.

Instead, I’m going to tell you about how I can’t seem to write more than a few sentences whenever I attempt any piece of fictional writing. I have three drafts of three different stories that just cause me to wrinkle my nose when I look at them. I’m at a loss. The fictional juices have dried up and I’m not sure how to make them come back. I miss writing fiction. I miss learning about my characters as I create them. I miss the blending of fact and fiction within my stories that allows me to release some type of bottled up emotion. I guess maybe it’s a good thing I’m having trouble tapping into that bottled up emotion. That means I’m letting go of my emotions instead of pushing them down and pretending like they don’t exist. One problem, though: I WANT TO WRITE FICTION. Ugh.

Thus is my problem that appears unsolvable at this moment.

Goodnight, good and faithful readers. I’m going to go dream up characters that I cannot seem to put into words.

Movies I Can’t Live Without

I discovered one of my favorite movies on “Watch Instantly” on Netflix! Yay! So I figured I would come up with a list of movies I can watch over and over again without getting sick of them.

*When Harry Met Sally

*The Holiday

*His Girl Friday

*America’s Sweethearts

*Despicable Me

*Finding Nemo

*Ocean’s Eleven

*Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

*Gone in 60 Seconds

*Someone Like You

*Whip It


I think that’s all of them for now. There are still lots of movies I like, but I don’t necessarily like to watch them all the time. What movies can’t you live without?

One More Semester to Go

My Fall 2010 semester is done here at Warner University. Next semester will be my final semester there. I’m excited, and yet I still feel a little bittersweet that it is so close to ending. WU has become a steady constant in my life for the last year and a half. I know faces, names, and the location of all the bathrooms. (Yes, that is a very important detail to know.) I know the professors in my departments and enjoy seeing their smiling faces. I’m not sure I am ready for this to all be done.

I am ready for the textbooks to be closed and the exams to finish. Thankfully, it is all done now. I have a month before I have to pick up another textbook. The joy of heading home for Christmas is exciting and knowing I don’t have to rush back is a major perk.

When I do finally get around to graduating, I know I will be ever so thankful I picked WU to finish out my degree. I may not be super involved with any of the campus activities, and I rarely hang out with anyone outside of school (I’m really quite shy), but I will always hold WU with the upmost respect and admiration. It’s a delightful school and one day, when I have kids, I will tell them to at least consider it for their education.

So, WU, I do believe I love you.

100 Things

I borrowed this from another blog that I’ve started reading regularly known as “A Babbling Brunette”. She’s a wonderful writer and inspires me to do my absolute best to blog more often. I can’t say if it’ll stick or not, but I’m trying. No promises this month, though, because most of it will be spent in the snowy tundra of Minnesota with my family.

Anyway, here’s a list of 100 things about me:

1. The fact that I am already 24 has recently hit me and I am determined to make sure my next 24 years are even more adventure-filled than the first 24.

2. I’m an English major and a Biblical Studies minor. I will finally graduate in May 2011 with my bachelor’s degree from WU!!!!

3. I’m the oldest of 5 children, with my youngest sister being almost 8.

4. I love bright colors more than words can express.

5. My husband is my biggest cheerleader and I don’t know where I would be without him. I’m exceptionally proud of him.

6. What Not to Wear is my secret pleasure. I love watching people learn what fits their body style and seeing their self-esteem rise.

7. Christmas is amazing! I love the decorations, the giving of gifts, the spending time with family, the food, and the MN snow.

8. I don’t like a ton of chocolate. I know, I know. I like it in moderation, with just a smidge here and there.

9. Jane Austen holds the slot as my favorite writer of all time.

10. I hate doing dishes and folding laundry.

11. I find cooking to be enjoyable and would love to host dinner parties on a regular basis if time and money were not an option.

12. In July 2011, I will go on my very first mission trip to Honduras with Trash Mountain Project. Look them up. They’re amazing!

13. I love being crafty, especially with gifts, but I’m always nervous that the person won’t like it. Always.

14. I have the cutest niece EVER. Don’t even try to compare. You won’t win. She’s too cute.

15. I love the beach. The sand between my toes, the salt water smell in the air, the sun beating down on my tummy…it’s all heavenly. God would lounge at the beach I go to as well. I just know it.

16. Apple Cider was the best drink ever created during Fall.

17. My pinkie toes curl to the point where they look like someone chopped them in half.

18. Hugh Jackman is yummy. It’s ok. Chris knows. He understands.

19. I lived in Montana most of my life. I miss the mountains desperately, and the lack of humidity.

20. I hated high school. I was an awkward teenager with no style or sense. I’ve grown up a lot since then. I don’t really talk to anyone from high school either even though I go back there every year at Christmas to visit my family.

21. I have a very small window of comfort in the temperature department. I’m almost always cold, but can very quickly get too hot.

22. Palace Pizza in Bartow is scrumptious.

23. I have a fear of stickers. It’s irrational and weird, but don’t ever give me a sticker. We might stop being friends if you do. I’m serious.

24. Edy’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream is my favorite. I also love Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with chocolate syrup and lots of sprinkles.

25. I enjoy taking two pieces of fleece, laying them on top of one another, cutting the edges into strips and tying them in knots to make a blanket. I’ve probably made a total of 15 in the 7 years I’ve been making them. No, I don’t keep them all.

16. I love being married. I hated single life. It was lonely.

17. I’ve been lonely for the last 3 years. I mean miserably lonely. God just answered my prayers 3 months ago in the form of a friend.

18. I’m three years sober from cutting. I did it for 5 years before that. This has been an eight year struggle, but I’m going to make it.

19. I cannot wait to go to cosmetology school! I want to learn it all and then be able to do it all. It’s been my dream for a while, but I wanted to finish my bachelor’s degree first.

20. Chick-fil-a is super yummy. I love it.

21. Up until last month, I had three name options for our kids that don’t exist yet. Now, I’m back at the drawing board.

22. I’m super organized in school and when I was working, but at home, I have a tendency to be messy.

23. I love to sleep!

24. Our wedding colors were pink and blue. It was a beautiful July wedding. If I could do it over, I would move it to the beach.

25. I love writing, in case you hadn’t figured that out. Chris says I should write a book. I just don’t think I’m talented enough to pull it off.

26. With the multitude of women giving birth or getting pregnant at our church, I feel pressure to do the same. I know that it’s silly, but I feel like we should be reaching that stage of marriage too after 2 1/2 years, but that’s not the case. We are far from ready.

27. When I read other blogs, I feel like mine doesn’t meet the par and that I really have no idea what the heck I’m doing.

28. I need to stay off Facebook more. It’s quite an addictive distraction.

29. Milky Way is my favorite chocolate candy. Skittles are my favorite fruity candy.

30. I would love to lose 5-10 pounds, but I don’t seem to have to time or perseverance to pursue exercise on a regular basis.

31. I love my dog. He’s adorable.

32. My MacBook computer is awesome. I love it. It was the best birthday present I could’ve gotten 2 years ago. I’m not an Apple fanatic, though. I just love my computer.

33. Hypocritical people get under my skin more than anyone else.

34. I’m awfully clumsy in heels and prefer ballet flats.

35. My wedding ring is a size 4.75, which is pretty small. I have dainty, girly hands.

36. I’m a coffee addict. I’m hoping when I run out of coffee that instead of buying more, I can wean myself off of it. I hate being so attached it something.

37. I don’t really like talking on the phone that much. It loses its thrill quickly.

38. I will fight to the death for those I care about, but let people walk all over me without defending myself.

39. I don’t know how to swim.

40. I love hot showers on cold days when the bathroom is completely full of steam.

41. I’ve been getting migraines lately a few times a month. I’m on the verge of worrying about it.

42. I worry. A LOT. Jesus and I are working on that.

43. I have a teddy bear from when I was 2 named Sleepy Bear. If Chris is gone, I snuggle Sleepy Bear instead.

44. I’m nervous about what God might be calling me to do with my life.

45. One day, I want to go back to France with Chris and experience it all over again with the man I adore.

46. Despite how much I hate the snow after long periods of time, I love having a white Christmas.

47. My nephew is going to be a heartbreaker one day. He may only be two, but he’s a charmer already.

48. I’ve never gotten a ticket from a police officer.

49. I’ve been to more concerts in the last 2 years than I did in the 22 years before that.

50. Taking Back Sunday and Audio Adrenaline are my favorite bands of all time. Flyleaf is pretty amazing too.

51. I love gerber daisies and hate the smell of roses. I don’t know why. I think roses smell icky.

52. When a plan goes array, I get stressed. I don’t adjust well to new plans. I’m working on that.

53. I don’t like Chili’s. Their menu is mediocre at best. Just sayin.

54. I suck at doing daily devotionals. I keep trying, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever get it right.

55. I love my Family Group, as you can tell from a previous post.

56. I’m really paranoid I’m going to say the same thing twice on this list. I keep worrying that I’ve already done it.

57. I’ve never been to a bar, and don’t really plan on going to one. It’s not really my scene.

58. I rarely remember my dreams after an hour of being awake.

59. I miss acrylic nails and I hope to have them again one day.

60. My heart’s too big. It breaks at the slightest thing and I truly wish I could solve the world’s problems. If someone I love is hurting, so am I. I can’t help it. Sometimes I wish I was stronger.

61. Blogging has been a wonderful use of my writing skills and my ability to be transparent.

62. I want to adopt some kids one day…and have some of my own too.

63. I hate being sick. Plus, I’m not a very nice sick person.

64. Sometimes when I sneeze, I pee a little. I don’t mean too. It just happens. And yes, it’s terribly, terribly embarrassing.

65. I have trouble studying for final exams. I feel as though if I don’t know it by the end of the semester, I’m not going to be able to cram it into my brain.

66. I love listening to music and singing to it in the car. Yes, I’m that weird person next to you at the red light singing her lungs out.

67. I want to go to a Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir concert one day. I think it would be a life-changing experience.

68. I want to go see Wicked on Broadway in New York…or Tampa.

69. Shoes and purses are my guilty pleasure. I buy them all the time when I have extra money.

70. I feel guilty for not working and only going taking classes at Warner.

71. I feel guilty about almost everything. Always.

72. I wish I could leave the Christmas tree up all year round and decorate it for every holiday.

73. I loooooooove MarioKart on Wii. It’s so much fun! Well, that is as long as I don’t play my brother-in-law. He’s too good at it.

74. Fruit Ninja on the iPhone/iPod touch is amazing! I borrow Jamison’s phone all the time so i can play it, and Wade downloaded it just so I could play it Sunday night while I was sick. 🙂

75. I love that Chris opens all the doors for me. I feel like such a lady.

76. I always wanted to wear one of those dresses from the Civil War era, like in “Gone With the Wind” with all the petticoats and things. I’m sure they were hard to walk in, but they’re so pretty!

77. I text all the time. I prefer it to talking on the phone.

78. I’m running out of ideas for this thing, so bear with me.

79. I’ve never sold a textbook back to the college. I’ve either kept them or given them to someone else.

80. I’m uber self-conscious. I wish I wasn’t.

81. I try to do something drastically different every time I get my hair done so that when I have clientele that do that, I can come up with ideas for them better.

82. I should be studying right now.

83. Oreos are only yummy if there is milk to dip them in and they are double-stuffed Oreos.

84. I moved to Florida five and a half years ago to go to college. I’m thankful I did because I met Chris and fell in love.

85. I wish I knew what was going to happen next in our lives. I hate the uncertainty of not knowing.

86. I’m scared I won’t be any good at cosmetology and that I’ve been dreaming about it for the last 3 years for nothing.

87. Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia is my favorite flavor of theirs.

88. My eyes hate makeup on them so I’m forced to go without. I hope to go to an eye doctor at some point and see what can be done. I’d like to at least have to option to wear it.

89. If I don’t eat, I’m crabby.

90. I love my Palm Pre Plus phone. It’s my very first smartphone, and I’m glad it is.

91. I love wearing bright colored ankle socks. They’re just so lively!

92. I really can’t believe I’ve said this much about myself. I’m feeling a little egotistical. Sorry if I’m coming across that way.

93. I take that back. I’m not sorry. It’s my blog. I can talk about me and it’s ok.

94. I wish my straight hair would have a little more “oomph” to it. It doesn’t like to do much of anything without a ton of product in it.

95. I loved my spiral-curly hair for my wedding.

96. I add hot chocolate mix to my coffee and french vanilla creamer.

97. I hate confrontation…which I forgot how to spell and how to use spellcheck. Yup. I did that.

98. I’m terribly shy in big crowds.

99. I don’t really eat leftovers. I’ve had to retrain myself in that department.

100. I feel inadequate in bible classes because I feel as though I don’t know very much about the Bible.

And I’m done! Enjoy all the notes about me!

The Pause Between Chapters…

Last night was the closing of the first chapter, but what a first chapter it was! It was filled with joy, nervousness, tears, connection, bonding, sharing, heartbreak, and most of all, love. Love covered every ounce of the chapter. I’m quite sad to see it end, but very excited to start the second chapter.

What am I talking about? Why, Family Group, of course!

What is “Family Group”? It’s the best thing ever and everyone should be a part of one in my opinion!

Family Group is RPC’s version of small groups, only better. This unique grouping of 10-12 people meet once a week in someone’s home and do a bible study together of some sort. We basically do life together. Because the pastor really can’t meet the emotional and physical needs of everyone in the church, that’s what the group is for. They’re the people you call when something happens or you need someone to pray for you. They are the people who will be there at the drop of a hat anytime and will support you through life’s difficulties.

That’s what my Family Group does. We’ve only had one semester together, but we’ve grown so close over that time period. We’ve laughed and shared our hurts and pains. We’ve bonded over good food and pray for those who couldn’t make it that night. It’s the one day I look forward to most and when it’s done, I cannot wait until next week. That’s what it’s all about.

Our semester is officially done and we’re taking a break until after the holidays. Our next meeting will by in January and I cannot wait! I’m not quite sure how I’m going to survive the next month, but I know what if I need any of them, all I have to do is call and all will be well again with the world.

So, Family Group members, I love you. I’ll miss you. I truly don’t know where I would be without you. Thank you for being there for me and hugging me through the tears and confessions. And those of you not in a Family Group – Go join one. In January when we have sign-ups. Don’t delay. It will truly wreck your world in an amazing way and you’ll never be the same again. You’ll feel that sense of belonging you’ve been longing for. So go.

P.S. Tara, stop crying. It’s ok. Promise. I know they’re happy tears. I love you too!

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