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Have you ever had those times when you’ve prayed about something so many times that you begin to wonder if God’s even listening? The lack of an answer might as well be a giant door slamming in your face.

That’s where I was until about a week and a half ago. Actually, I had even reached a resolution: I was going to stop praying about it and just accept it. What was it? Well, I’m going to be blunt about it and don’t you dare give me any form of pitying look while you read this. I mean it. Seriously. Ok. So I have spent the better half of the last three years praying for a friend. Not just any friend, mind you, but a true blue best friend. Someone who I can talk to about anything and will really be there for me in ways I’ve always needed a friend but it appeared as though God thought otherwise. Even my husband couldn’t explain to you why I could never find a best friend. So decided to stop asking God to help me. I decided I just was not meant to have a best friend at this stage of life and I needed to move past it. As heartbreaking as it was, I was determined to stop dwelling on it.

And then God decided to respond.

Seriously. He created an opportunity for me to open up and share with someone I had known for a long time but never really wanted to bother with all of this. I didn’t want her pity but ironically, she’s exactly what I needed. She’s spoken words of encouragement in my life that I really needed and she’s been consistently there for me since. I don’t think she’s going anywhere either. After almost two weeks, I actually am starting to believe that she’s determined to be there for me no matter what and she’s proving it.

So, thanks, God. Thanks, friend. I don’t know what I would do without either of you.


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