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Cassi and Becca were the very best of friends. They absolutely loved spending all their time together, especially meals. Everyday they would eat at least one meal together. One of there conversations went a little like this:

Cassi: I just love it when we can enjoy a meal together, Becs!
Becca: I know, right? It’s like totally amazing! We have sooooo much fun together! Plus the food is fantabulous here.
Cassi: It really is. We should eat here more often. The atmosphere is delightful as we munch outside and the food is quite delectable. I wonder how it can possibly taste so good!
Becca: Yup, yup, yup. The only thing I probably don’t like is that there are cars zooming by all the time. They’re really distracting sometimes. So have you heard from Carl yet?
Cassi: No…(sigh)…I’m starting to think he’s found another lady. He can be so egotistical sometimes. Ugh. I don’t even know why I thought I liked him.
Becca: Cuz he’s the only guy around. He’s surrounded by ladies everywhere he looks. It’s not you at all. He just doesn’t know a good thing right in front of his face. Some day another guy will come around and he’ll have eyes for only you.
Cassi: You think?
Becca: I know.
Cassi: You’re amazing, Becs! You should totally stay around this winter instead of going to the Caribbean.
Becca: I might just do that. I was actually thinking if it stays warm enough I might stick around.
Cassi: Really? That’s so great! Yay! You just made my day

THE END of the conversation that I imagine takes place as I drive past a pasture with cows munching away with buttbirds standing right next to them. (Buttbirds are the little white birds that hang out with the cows all year round for those who did not know this fun fact).

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