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Monopoly. Sorry. Imaginiff. Cranium. Clue. Twister. Battle of the Sexes. Life. These games say more about life than most inanimate objects we come across on a day-to-day basis.

Monopoly. The game of fiscal responsibility. If you don’t manage your finances properly, the bank will own everything. Though, I’m still wondering where I can find the “Go” space so I can keep collecting $200 every time I pass it.

Sorry. The game where you learn to knock people out of your way to succeed. It teaches us that life is all about getting ahead and never let anyone knock you out of your spot if you can help it.

Imaginiff. The game that forces people to make snap judgments about you. Imaginiff Megan was a crayon, which would she be? Ah, yes, tickle me pink. It is my favorite color, and most people know that. It’s a game full of laughs and people take your traits and quirks to find a suitable label for you out of six different choices.

Cranium. The game of random knowledge and skill. Life is all about using your brain and this game helps get you there. It also teaches you to know your Dr. Seuss’ rhymes because you might just get the question that asks you to finish this statement: “One fish, two fish, ……”

Clue. The game of intrigue and mystery. It was totally Professor Plum in the library with the candlestick. Through your miscellaneous grouping of cards and deductive reasoning, you must solve a murder and practice your problem solving skills. They are essential to survival in the real world.

Twister. The game of balance and coordination…but if you’re like me, you fall by the third rotation of the spinner. Sometimes in the adult world, you’re stuck with your feet a million miles apart and one hand on yellow, while the other is in the air trying not to touch the ground and balance seems nearly impossible. Those are times it’s good to have faith in something and friends/family nearby to help hold you up (though if they do that in the game, you’re disqualified. Sorry).

Battle of the Sexes. The game of men versus women. Who’s better? Who knows more about the other sex? Who is really more dominant? Honestly, I think genders need to work together instead of trying to figure out who’s better. If we worked together instead of fighting, we might actually accomplish a whole lot more.

Life. Ah, yes. The game that allows you to pick three cards and then pick the best one. You randomly are assigned kids and lottery winnings. Sometimes you even get to run for mayor. If only life were really as easy as the game. Sure, sometimes the basement floods, but just turn the spinner and escape the damage.

Board games. The famous pastime of American families. I loved them as a child, and still love them today. The more I play them, though, the more I realize that if I’m not careful, my life will just become a board game…it might even be more of a “bored” game. Sorry, I had to throw the pun in there. Life is all about the surprising twists and turns no one expects and the random tidbits of knowledge that one of my children might ask me about one day. That’s the fun part. We can’t see the end of the game in real life, but if we could, would we still make the most of each day or procrastinate until the end and wonder how did life pass us by?

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