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Soooooo…….it’s 11:03 p.m. I should be winding down for the evening. I’m getting there. It’s been an event-filled day and I guess my second – or third – wind has kicked in, and I have been sitting here on my comfy couch next to my very sleepy puppy contemplating. What have been absentmindedly thinking about, you ask? Well, I guess I can share, though please accept the vagueness in some areas. I am thinking about:

  • The amazing day we had with Chris’ best friend John and his fiancee Jessica! It was great to finally meet her (after a year and three months of dating!). They are a great couple to spend time with and I truly wish they lived closer than 3 hours away.
  • My hopes and desires. This is one of those vague ideas. I’ve been trying to figure out if I’m yearning for the right things or if I just keep setting myself up for disappointment.
  • I am eager to attend RPC’s first church-wide picnic instead of a church service. It should be a wonderful experienced filled with food, fun, and community.
  • I wish October 30th could get here a little quicker! Chris and I are doing a photo shoot with  our dear friend Tara Bent. She’s uber talented and creative! I have been looking forward to that day for months now. Chris and I are doing it to celebrate our two year wedding anniversary a few months late, but we had to properly save up for it all and I wanted to wait until the cooler weather anyway.
  • My dog might just be my best friend. Though he never talks back, he is an amazing listener who loves to play and go on long walks with me down the road. I love that little booger.
  • I’ve been wondering about that word “friendship” and what it really means to me and others. It’s an interesting word that gets about as overused as “love”.
  • I love my husband more today than when I married him. Chris cherishes me in so many ways, and I work hard to make sure he feels the same way. He’s an amazing, godly man who deserves as much respect as I can muster. He’s my rock and provider…well, after God, anyway. 🙂

Well, that’s all for now. All this typing has helped make me a bit sleepy which is great. I need to get a little rest so I can take on tomorrow.


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