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The Little Things in Life…

Today in one of my classes, a fellow classmate posed an interesting challenge: to make a list of the things I can give God praise for. This idea came from Psalm 66, which was the focus of the devotional he was teaching from. So here is my list:

I praise God for Chris, who works so hard to be an amazing husband. God couldn’t have picked a better man for me to spend the rest of my life with.

I praise God for the support of family and friends while I made some difficult decisions regarding my volunteer roles within RPC.

I praise God for this beautiful weather. Only He could make the sky always so beautiful even before a storm.

I praise God for always making ends meet. No matter how tight our finances seem to be, He always gives them a little nudge to make it all work out.

I am grateful for all the work he has done in my life over the last year. My spirituality has grown so much it is hard to believe  how far I have really come.

He deserves praise for the change of heart He stirred within me in regard to missions. There is nowhere else I would rather be in July 2011 than Honduras working with Trash Mountain Project.

I praise Him for the people He has placed in my life. Though I still suffer depression and unbearable loneliness, He sends me hope through a few words from a dear friend. The aid may have been temporary, but it was still a strong reminder from my Savior that He loves me.

There are so many things that could make this list. God has blessed me more than I will ever deserve. I couldn’t be more thankful. Thanks for reading.


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