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Really, Lostprophets, really?

Please bear with me as my mind attempts to move past the feelings of shock and betrayal. The entire event caught me so off-guard that I am having trouble formulating thoughts and even coherent sentences that normal people can understand. I comprehend the craziness going on, but I doubt you will. It is simply shocking. Unbelievable. Ideal shattering. Let me just set a scenario up for you…

Image a young, naive teenage girl. She is a junior in high school in April 2004 (rough timeframe). Her dear friend Hannah has just introduced her to a new band. She enjoys them so much that as soon as she gets a chance, she purchases their latest album. Amazing! In her adoration, the cd never leaves her car stereo except to go in the house so she can listen to it in her room. The words quickly form in her memory bank and she can hum the songs to herself during study hall. Some might call it infatuation. Others prefer the word “love”. Either way, she is hooked.

Fast forward two years. 2006. This same band releases a new album. This girl can barely contain herself! It’s like Christmas all over again! She once again purchases the album as quickly as she can and does the same routine as before. The cd is near her at all times. The lyrics find their way into her mind and settle. It’s love all over again. It has even inspired blogs years after its release.

Fast forward four years. 2010. This same band once again released a new album. Her emotions stay the same: excited, eagerness, giddiness even. She obtains the album the day she discovers its existence. This album is a little different. The music darker, heavier, and even a little creepier. She tells herself that it’s not terrible and keeps listening…wait a second. What did he just sing?

Let me quote him for you: “Religion needs a new employer. I’ve got the rope to hang your Jesus even higher”. WAIT! WHAT????? I feel like I need to go to confession just for retyping those words and I’m not even Catholic. I have always understood that Lostprophets were not a Christian band, and until now, that was never a problem. Now we have a problem. I feel betrayed by a band that I loved. What made them so anti-Christian? What happened to make them bash the Jesus I love so much? It all makes me sick to my stomach. It’s not supposed to be like this. If Christianity was all it should be, people wouldn’t want to sing such things. I still don’t have the words to express how much this kills my heart and how much I wish it wasn’t so.

At this point in time, I will only listen to their old music. Their new music doesn’t exist to me anymore. If I have to chose between them and my Jesus, the latter will win every time. I don’t mean to sound preachy or insanely Christian, but it’s the truth. Now, like any shocking breakup between a music lover and her favorite band, I’m going to drown the whole situation in some ice cream and be done with it.


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