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The wisdom of Eleanor Roosevelt came together to form the phrase: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”. As difficult as it may be to practice those profound words for an insecure person like myself, they still resound across the walls of my brain. Why, might you ask? In the very new future, I have to face something terrifying. My stomach knots at the idea and my eyes even water a little at the tidal wave of memories and emotions. Though I’ve allowed you to smell the aroma of steak coming for the kitchen, I am afraid you will only be eating bread tonight. No,  I am not going to dish the dirt on this one. I am sure every one of you has been hurt by someone else to some degree or another. A friend, family member, or significant other has said or done something to make you cry or get angry or just feel hurt and rejected. Thus is my memories. They are filled with those feelings, each and every solitary one, and it sucks. Plain and simple.

Here’s the big kicker, though: I’m supposed to just be ok. I’m supposed to be the bigger person and forgive this person and move forward while they pretend that nothing ever happened. That’s the hard part. That’s the giant looming in front of me. No wonder I picked the Veggie Tales classic “Dave and the Giant Pickle” for the kids a few weeks ago. So now it’s time to face the music and my own giant pickle. That knot just keeps getting bigger though….we’ll see what happens I guess. All I really know right now is that they will never make me feel inferior ever again because I refuse to give consent. They are not allowed.


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