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As I sat in solitude for my Spiritual Practices class (practicing the spiritual disciplines I am learning about), I began by deep breathing. As I relaxed, my mind wandered about from thought to thought. It paused after a few minutes in front on my biggest struggle at this point: my questions. My questions about my faith, the bible, church as a whole, my own spiritual walk, and then there is the biggest problem of all: where is God? I have trouble finding him these days. That is partially my own fault. Life is busy. Church is slowly burning me out. School has me questioning everything. I don’t make enough time for God. I know all this. So in honor of creativity, I wrote a poem. I am not a poet, but I guess Alexander Pope inspired me (Mrs. Mills would be proud). So here it is:

Where are you?
Where are you, God?
As I sit here, waiting, where are you?
As silence lingers, wondering, where are you?
The questions keep piling
The questions keep piling, God
No answers around, the questions keep piling
Where are you? The questions keep piling
My soul is empty & broken
My soul is empty & broken, God
Everywhere I look, my soul is empty & broken
Where are you? My soul is empty & broken

So as I sat there re-reading this interesting piece of work, irony hit me in full force. If you make the question “Where are you?” an acrostic, it spells “WAY”. Though that may not intrigue everyone, it intrigued me. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth & the light. No one come to the Father except through me.” Though the two ideas may have nothing to do with each other, I feel like they do. By asking the question, “Where are you?” I’m actively searching for Jesus. I’m looking for the “way”.

Ok, so it’s not the most profound thought in the universe, but it caught my attention so I thought I would share.

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