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Ugh, she thought while blindly looking for her cell phone that was pretending to be a much larger alarm clock. I don’t want to get up yet. Snooze it is.


Stupid five minute snoozes. Fine. I’ll get up, you piece of crap.

As her fingers found their way to the OK button to silence the overcompensating beast of an alarm, she unwrapped herself from the cozy cocoon of blankets. She stumbled into the bathroom, somehow managing not to trip on the random articles of clothing scattered on the floor. As she hopped into the scalding hot shower, her pajamas added to the heap of clothing. After the routine washing and cleansing, she shut off the water and opened the shower curtain hating the frigid wall of air as it hit her. She dried off as she scurried to find some clothes that were not on the floor in an attempt to regain some warmth. Once that was accomplished, it was back to the bathroom for more morning fun.

The routine rarely changed. Brush Hair. Brush Teeth. Moisturize. Conceal. Foundation. Mascara. Eyeliner. Eyeshadow. Blow dryer. Protective Hair Spray. Hair Straightener. Hairspray. Spray perfume. It was always in the middle of the process when she started to wake up – some times that involved a boost of caffeine thanks to her coffee pot. Either way, now she was awake and busy applying her simple pieces of everyday jewelry. Glancing at her watch, she smiled. I have time to pause and breathe this morning! Yay! She looked up and the grin grew. I look good. Flawless makeup, perfect hair, coordinating clothing. I really do look good.

She grabbed her purse and headed out the door to class. The drive to the university gave her time to think about that last moment before leaving. When was the last time I felt confident about how I looked?….I really don’t remember. How sad is that? But it is so very nice to have a day when I actually think it. It’s taken so long for me to get to this point; I guess the only way is up from here. With that thought, she turned up Taking Back Sunday and enjoyed the rest of her drive, knowing, at least for a while, that she was self-confident and prayed it last more than just hours.

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