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means according to dictionary.com: “a person or thing of individual or distinct character”. It’s been strange lately how much this term has entered my life as of late.

First off, it is the monthly virtue/big idea for PowerUp – the Kindergarten through Fifth Grade children’s program at RPC. Secondly, it was part of a conversation with my husband this afternoon. Thirdly, which is the main inspiration for this blog, the term came to mind while analyzing a discussion with a friend of mine.

So the conversation started by his status on Facebook, which caught my eye: *he “thinks all tattoos are ugly”. Such a bold statement, I thought to myself. So I replied quite casually, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

*His next comment really got me thinking though.

*He replied, “not many people think poop is beauty. So, let me say – I think tattoos are as beautiful as poop”.

Interesting comparison. I cannot say I would have put those two things together. I will be honest, I am slightly biased when it comes to tattoos. I love mine and have considered getting another. I know several people that have them and most of their tattoos I like. Some of them, not so much, but I understand that is not my call. I would never call them “poop” though.

So I started to compare and contrast them as I have been taught to do in school oh so well:
Contrast: Poop smells, is messy, and just plain gross. Tattoos are art,  sometimes messy, and not always pretty.
Compare: They are both unique. Every poop is different for each person. Some smell, some are messy, some are simple, while others are a bit more complicated; some are often, while others are a little more infrequent. Some are colorful, while others are dark and dreary. You just never know. Tattoos mean completely different things to different people. Some are beautiful and intriguing, other are scary and threatening; some are drunken  or spontaneous decisions, others are well thought out and planned precisely; some are colorful, other are dark and dreary.

So my conclusion? Tattoos are more like poop than my dear friend thought. They are both individual, unique things that cannot be duplicated. Sure they may not all be pretty, but you cannot generalize and say you don’t like any of them. When you’ve seen every tattoo in existence, on every person that has one, then you can say they are all ugly if you still think so. But until then, if you still feel the need to compare them to poop, go for it. Just remember that the comparison might not be a bad one.

*The names have been hidden to protect the innocent.


Comments on: "Individuality…" (2)

  1. that is awesome… a brand new perspective for tattoos (and poop as well I guess). Love your view!! 🙂 See you tomorrow

  2. chrisweatherly said:

    This is probably the best perspective I have ever read in regards to tattoos. This also makes me feel not nearly as bad about my poops.

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