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She stood still and screamed.
No, not the wussy little scream that comes from a little girl when she sees a spider. This scream started at the tips of her black painted toenails and ended  at the dyed tips of her hair. She refocused the scream to culminate in her lungs and come out of her mouth. That scream contained it all…
It held traces of frustration, dashes of anger, hints of depression, a small smidgeon of repressed joy,  and topped off with a dollop of loneliness. Every emotion, every failed attempt, every unsaid word, every word that should have been unsaid, every thing inside her unleashed.
Oh how wonderful it felt! How joyous! How invigorating!  Suddenly, she didn’t feel like a shaken can of Cherry Coke, about to burst from pressure. She started to feel human again and less like a robot. Who knew it was possible? Who knew she could let it out?
When there was no more sound to release, she popped her jaw closed and let out a sigh of relief. She smiled as she looked around because she could make it through for a little while longer, until she needed to scream again.

**Thank you, lostprophets, for your inspirational song, “Rooftops (a liberation broadcast)”.

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