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Perspective Changes

Well, I usually try to prove people wrong, but this time I get to prove Timm right. He said I’ll probably write three-for-three and so here it is:

While talking with my husband Chris this morning, I began pondering how much I enjoy impacting others’ lives. We discussed a few instances that really got me thinking – who have I had the opportunity to impact?

Since I have stepped into a leadership role at RPC (my church), I have been blessed with the chance to really impact kids’ lives. I have been put in charge of several areas of the children’s ministry, one of which is the Sunday morning arena known as PowerUp for kindergardeners through fifth graders. I suddenly became in charge of these kids. Though I have been helping out in this role since February 2009, it was not until last week when I was part of an actual leadership meeting at RPC that I started to really think about my role. I have never thought myself as leadership. I always thought of myself as just another volunteer that just does a little bit more work. I was quickly corrected by EVERYONE I discussed this crisis of identity with. Now through the eyes of a leader, I realize how important my impact is on those kids, along with the impact of the other volunteers under my guidance. I love these kids. I know my faithful, amazing volunteers love these kids. I know these kids love me and the volunteers. Over the last year and a half of volunteering for PowerUp in some way, shape or form, I have witnessed how simply loving these kids has impacted their lives. One little girl runs up and hugs me every time she sees me. A couple other munchkins are so adorable that you cannot help but love them. I have watched hyper little boys become quiet as church mice walking up the stairs because we made it into a game. They warm my heart to new levels each week. I only want the best for them. If I didn’t, I would not be able to impact their lives the way I can. Through my interactions with them, and that of my volunteers, these kids are able to associate church with love, as a place of acceptance and joy. I didn’t get that as a child. For me, church was a place full of strangers that I saw very infrequently. At PowerUp, these kids receive an experience I never had, and I hope they never receive my experience at all.

Now that I have fully grasped my leadership role, I have also started helping out as a part-time leader in our youth group that started last month under the direction of our new youth pastor. I hope to provide the same relational, loving impact with these teenagers that I can with my  PowerUp munchkins. I guess we will have to wait and see as the months progress. I can tell you this, though, those teenagers will experience the same love and acceptance the elementary age kids do, whether they are willing to accept it or not.


Comments on: "Perspective Changes" (2)

  1. chrisweatherly said:

    I love how much you have been able to grow into your leadership roles. You are the greatest woman I could ever imagine, and I know other people see the same thing in you. That’s why you have been put into all of these roles.

    I can’t wait to see what else is going to happen in your life. God is going to great things with and through you

  2. You make a huge impact with everything you do. Your love and care for people oozes from your soul through every pore and into everything you do. I am so excited to be working with you and even more excited to have you as a friend.

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