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Fun Fact for Now…

Thanks to the brilliant quips from my Media Literacy professor, Mr. Tim Craig enlightened me with this tidbit: Your taste-buds change every seven years. Like Mr. Craig always does, he got me thinking. I started listing in my head the foods I did not like seven years ago that I enjoy now: sushi, some Mexican, shrimp, and the millions of samplings of foods my husband has deemed “necessary” for me to try.

As I contemplated more, I started wondering what else had changed in the last seven years. Seven years ago was October 2002 I was a sophomore in high school. Wow. I was so young, so naive. Awkwardness consumed me at that time, much like it does for most teenagers. I struggled with self-esteem, friends, family, boys, and learning to drive. Now I only struggle with self-esteem and finding friends. I am over half way there. Woo hoo!

Since then, I have moved 1800 miles away from my family, gone to college, made friends, found a dying church, got baptized, found my husband, joined the choir (not my best idea), left a dying church for a really cool one (YAY!) lost friends, worked four years at my first real job, perfected some mad cooking skills, reconnected with some friends, struggled with cutting and low self-esteem, watched my brother graduate college before me (he’s two years younger), participated in a high school/college ministry led my husband and saw their lives change, felt my heart break for those with wasted potential, opened a new door to honesty with my parents, switched my college major 3 times before figuring out I really want to do cosmetology, took a year off from school and am currently finishing my bachelors, moved to another town with my husband to be closer to our church and the few friends we have, grown closer to my siblings, stepped into a leadership role with the children’s ministry that I still struggle comprehending how that happened, became more transparent, grown closer to God….and that is just to name a few of the changes.

So my conclusion? I am a completely different person than I was seven years ago. I have shed most of the awkwardness of my teenage years for a semi-confident coat that looks much better if I do say so myself. I might even go so far as to say I kind of like this new me versus the old one. *gasp* I know! It sounds crazy!…But oh so true. I cannot wait to see what new suit the next seven years will bring!


Comments on: "Fun Fact for Now…" (3)

  1. Aunt kelley said:

    I only have one thing to say; I am so proud of you Megan. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Aunt Kelley! I’m glad you like it! I’ve always enjoyed writing and it’s nice to finally let it all out creatively.

  3. Cool! I’m just wondering how many seven-year eras will pass before I try sushi. Ugh. Good for you, though … but “ugh” for me.

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