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A Letter to an Old Friend

Dear Social Calendar,

I apologize for the rude remarks I made a few weeks ago about not having much of a life. I realize I spoke far too harshly and too soon. I promise I did not mean it. That being said, I wanted to also let you know that your retaliation, regardless of how hurt you may be, is harsh and uncalled for. My currently retracted statement did not require you to fill every second of every day with an event. A few hours of breathing space besides sleeping would have been a nice courtesy.

I do hope this apology will reach you quickly because I am not sure how much longer I can handle weeks like this. Please do not make me suffer long. I apologize once again for hurting your feelings and I will never say such mean things again.

Sincerely and with all the love in my heart,

Megan C. Weatherly

Comments on: "A Letter to an Old Friend" (2)

  1. Very Funny! I know exactly how you feel. I am wondering if Catalyst is going to allow me to relax or just make me feel more stressed, either way I am still excited about it!

  2. mediamugshot said:

    Can I just forward this to my calendar?

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