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Hello world!

This is the part in the beginning stages of the blogging universe when I introduce myself, welcome readers and state the point of this whole thing. Let’s get this blog started off right then!…

Who am I? A simple question. One that is asked over and over again throughout one’s lifetime. Let me start with what I am not: I am not the gothic girl with raccoon eyes and the same dark, depressing clothing as half the teenage population; I am not the athletic cheerleader who can flip and twist in all sorts of pretzel-like ways; I am not the out-going life of the party; I am not the fast paced, quick-thinking future CEO of a major conglomerate. They just are not my cup of tea.

So who am I? I am the girl who prefers to read a book than be at a party; when I try a new recipe in the kitchen, I might as well be a brilliant composer sitting at a piano. I am not a thrill-seeking, adventure junkie. I am actually rather boring in that regard. I am the girl you may not notice, blending into the wallpaper of the living room. I do enjoy writing though. When I write, I can become the outspoken life of the party and I feel just as talented as the awe-inspiring cheerleader. I can portray my “uniqueness” in the same way the dark, gothic girl does. I become more than just wallflower.

Word to the wise, I do prefer fiction over fact. I don’t know if I will remember to warn you that something might be fiction, so if it seems a bit outlandish, it might just be another story from the mind of Megan. You never know. I hope you enjoy what you read, but honestly, this isn’t for you. I don’t really care if you read it or not. It’s really for me – a chance to express myself without hesitation or fear. So, once again, enjoy!

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